a team of Professionals at service of production processes through Divisions and Brands dedicated to Customers’ needs in the food, canning and pharmaceutical industries.

The production of centrifugal electro-pumps and equipments for the different sectors of interest, allowed a constant growth, reaching goals which have the name of TECNICAPOMPE, TAD, CLU, OPTIMOMIX. Likewise, investing in other member-Companies located in different areas of the world, allowed us to propose these brands and solutions in all markets, through a direct contact with Customers. investments in innovation and development of cutting-edge techniques and solutions have enabled the Company to expand its market and gain the trust of many Customers whom nowadays rely on the professionalism of its Employees and its products of very high quality and efficiency.

Quality and efficiency are, in effect, characteristics that distinguish not only the products, but also the services of consulting and technical assistance offered to Customers by Staff, to guarantee the perfect management of the various production processes.

The meticulous attention and full control of the processes in the food, canning and pharmaceutical industries are fundamental elements to achieve an excellent result complying with current regulations. For this reason, continues its efforts to achieve the best solutions dedicated to these markets, through the production of equipment for the transfer of delicate products (TAD), for cleaning and washing (CLU), for grinding, crushing and re-circulating genuine products (OPTIMOMIX) and for the transfer of liquids as well as solids in suspension, preserving their physiological, organoleptic and sanitary characteristics (TECNICAPOMPE).

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